Nicole Kelly
Sensual Sophisticate,
Charming Companionship
Welcome to my virtual boudoir!

My sobriquet of choice is Nicole, but please feel free to call me darling, liebling, cariño - other especially sweet terms of endearment are also welcome.

As is readily apparent, I have a soft spot for humor and playfulness. I adore travel, literature and flirtation and am very pleased to find this outlet for all three. What can I say? A liberal arts education left me with a penchant for cultivating my mind and indulging my more voluptuous proclivities.

College-educated, I currently hold a mainstream professional position; that’s right, I have a day job. I love the dichotomy this entails. I think it makes our rendezvous all the more illicit and hence, that much more delicious. My career in the arts allows me a great deal of freedom to travel, which this endeavor only enhances. I pack light and never forget to tuck a few novels, New Yorkers and black satin garter belts into my carry-on.

Lively conversation accompanied by sparkling wit, a good-natured disposition and a dash of charisma are qualities I appreciate - but I also relish coaxing a shy soul out of his shell.

If you are visiting San Francisco, I would be glad to show you the sights, recommend a great restaurant, or simply meet you one-on-one to get acquainted in an intimate setting. If you are a local, and tread the same hilly topography as I do daily, you're more than likely acquainted with some of the readily accessible charms of our town. Uncovering hidden gems together, indoors or al fresco, would be a pleasure.

I am based in San Francisco but enjoy traipsing off to other cities. Check my Wanderlust page for my upcoming travels.  

Please get in touch if you suspect we might be a match!

Nicole Kelly